At Fitness Locker it is recognised that athletes have unique requirements to each other and the range of coaching formats are designed to optimise the athletes' needs. Whilst the traditional form of the detailed week by week supportive coaching continues to be offered, the more popular consultative approach has been developed to suit the more experienced athletes; athletes requiring input at particular stages of their training only, athletes wanting a plan and simply getting on with it, and athletes wanting more flexibility with their busy lives.

"Successful endurance training is an intuitive and personalised approach that respects the fundamental laws of exercise physiology while allowing for plenty of flexibility." Mark Sisson, Primal Endurance


Athlete Consultations

The ultimate goal is to up-skill an athlete to make better intuitive decisions regarding their own training. All the required information and tools are provided, you apply it to best suit your schedule around family, work and other commitments. Either your training has stagnated, you are targeting a specific event, you require guidance on particular elements of your training or simply juggle multiple other commitments, then a one-off consultation is ideal for you. It is a unique opportunity to draw on my wealth of knowledge and experience. 

The topics covered could be any of the following:

  • general training

  • evaluation of past training and competing

  • the establishment of overall goals and training objectives

  • a training plan for a particular goal including macro and micro training cycles, training blocks and key sessions

  • tapering for a primary goal/event

  • heat, cold, and altitude acclimation

  • post-race and training reviews

  • recovery and adaptation principles

  • analyses of heart rate variability data with input on improving health and fitness parameters

Monthly Support

Available to all athletes post their initial athlete consultation for ongoing support. This service may include:

  • regular overview of current training with amendments where required

  • re-evaluation of the training plan and overall goals

  • a Training Peaks account (online coaching platform) created to manage your training programme and provide 2-way feedback

  • pre-race planning and post-race review/s

  • establishing training zones (generally by HR) and applying to programme accordingly

  • analysing of heart rate variability data and application to the training schedule

  • providing guidelines in the implementation of a successful wholefood plant-based diet for training and competing

  • regularly available for feedback and advice

1-on-1 Sessions

These are ideal for a completely individualised approach. These include but are not limited to:

  • Run Analyses - improving run technique

  • Swim Analyses - stroke technique (underwater filming) and open water swim skills

  • Athlete Assessment including Functional Movement Screen, Motor Control Screen, Body Composition and Strength Endurance Test

  • Corrective Exercises and Mobility Movements

  • Functional Threshold Heart Rate Test for bike and run

  • Body Composition Analyses