Our mission is to reach out to more athletes and fitness enthusiasts with our own developed specialised environment, offering an extended range of services that extend beyond the traditional realms of coaching. We have introduced countless first-timers to the sport whilst assisting many to achieve personal bests, podium finishes and world championship successes, irrespective of their experience and age. We work with athletes from all over New Zealand and Australia, as well as other parts of the world - a way is found to make it work.


As coaches, our commitment is to provide a value add service to the best of our ability and adhere to Sport New Zealand’s Coaches’ Code of Ethics, which include:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every individual athlete as a human being

  • Maintain high standards of integrity

  • Be a positive role model for your sport and athletes and act in a way that projects a positive image of coaching

  • Professional responsibilities

  • Make a commitment to providing a quality service to your athletes

  • Provide a safe environment for training and competition

  • Protect your athletes from any form of personal abuse

First established in early 2011 as a social-media platform for information and motivation, and later registering as a New Zealand company 6 July 2011, Fitness Locker continues to evolve as a provider of coaching services and inspiration to athletes, and health and fitness enthusiasts across New Zealand and Australia. Fitness Locker is Trade Mark Registered with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand - 1 May 2012.

Fitness Locker operates under the umbrella of Eitelberg Consulting Limited.