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Fitness Locker is privileged to have a dedicated team of coaches backed by preferential access to a team of highly knowledgeable external consultants and a unique blend of partners and sponsors. This includes numerous guest coaches invited along to share their own experiences and passion for the sport. We're all highly committed, enthusiastic and genuinely want the best out of each and every athlete we interact with. Collectively we have introduced countless first-timers to the sport whilst assisting many to achieve personal bests, podium finishes and world championship successes, irrespective of their experience and age.

We work with athletes from all over New Zealand and Australia, as well as other parts of the world - we find a way to make it work.


Fitness Locker encourages you to strongly consider our partner products. Many of these products offer member-only discounts, however, some of these items you can only acquire through us directly.  We offer our athletes and members a range of Fitness Locker branded 17 Hours Apparel, as well as various quality casual wear and accessories. View the respective options below and email us directly with your requests.

Head Coach
Auckland, NZ 
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An established partnership offering dedicated specialised coaching services
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Sponsors & Partners
An amazing team of sponsors providing our athletes discounted products and service
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Team Apparel
A range of Fitness Locker-branded Joyride-supplied training and racing apparel. Bulk orders are made periodically throughout the year.
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Casual Wear and Accessories
Quality casual wear and accessories, either Fitness Locker or Plant-Powered branded. These are ordered upon request with a 10-14 day turn-around.